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I live on a country farm..about 14 acres.  We have dogs, sheep, horses, chickens, peacocks, quail, bird dogs, ducks. (I might of left something out)  So everyday I feed the sheep in our pastures, sheep in the show barn, the chickens, quail and dogs.  I laugh at my friends playing Farmville on Facebook, so I tagged my daily activities as Hawsville!

My husband and sons raise show sheep.  We have a ranch about 10 miles away where we have over 250 sheep.  You can check out our website www.hawsclublambs.com .  This keeps us busy nearly every day.  Just about to finish up the breeding season.  Baby lambs should start arriving the end of January.  I help with record keeping, ear tagging, tail docking, casterating, ect.  I run the nursery at the barn by my house.  Lambs are usually done lambing around May/June.  Then the Sale season starts and continues on until around Oct...where we start up the breeding process again.  Whew!

I also raise and sell quail for hunting.  I have several large flight pens and plan to add 3 more this year.  Egg collection starts early spring (April to Aug.) and are set in incubators for hatching.  Day old baby chicks are then put in brooders that open up into the large flight pens.  I raised around 5000 birds this year and this past weekend sold out.  I have to keep enough on hand for breeding purposes for the following year.

Besides all this, I love to paint on old windows, window screens, old wood pieces, metal, ect.  You can check out my work on Facebook....Copper Rooster.  I just finished up 8 custom orders for Christmas gifts.  I do have some of my work in a booth at a local shop..Full Circle Antiques (Beeville, TX)

The biggest Love of my Life are my grandchildren.  I got out of the Gift Shop about 2 years ago.  I just didn't want to spend all that extra time away from my family.  This way....I can come and go as I please.

I hope you enjoy the start of my Blogspot.  It should be fun.