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Monday, January 30, 2012

Drop Off Day

Finally completed all my entries for the Adult Division at our local County Livestock and Homemakers Show.  I entered 3 wreath, 3 Misc (paint projects) and 1 Food (cornbread).  You wonder why I entered 3 of the same thing...well...I wasn't interested in the other catagories, money goes to a good cause and I just love creating!  My previous posting had some pictures of my crafts.  I will for sure post pictures when the all get home later in the week.
Hoping for a Rosette!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Day

Did my Facebooking....gues we all have to change over the the timeline thingy.  Haven't done that yet.

Did my Pinning on Pinterest.  I am so addicted to that.  I spend way more time on there than Facebook now.  So many cool ideas for crafts and gardens!!!

Now going outside to do my Hawsville chores.

Need a quick run to Hobby Lobby (which is an hour away) to get supplies for a wreath I'm gonna make for the County Show Adult Division.  Almost finished with my painting.  Posting that soon.

This afternoon...going to the next county for their county show to watch several families show lambs that they purchased from us. (Haws Club Lambs)  My son and girlfriend will pick me up.  Meeting up with the hubby.  Hopefully can go out to eat after it's all over.

Whew...Bet my head will hit my pillow around 12 tonight.  Long day ahead!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adult Division Entry

I have decided to enter the local Bee County Jr. Livestock & Homemakers Show Adult Division.  Yes, some crafts.  Possibly 3 paintings and 3 wreaths.  What was I thinking?  Entry money goes to Premium Fund for the kids.  Winners get rosettes.  Mostly bragging rights.  Will see.  Wish me luck!!

1. Wreath..Antlers and Pinecones.  This took several hours to make.  Hot glue gun got a workout.

2. Wreath...Living Wreath (Succulents)
This was an extra long process.  Used Spanish Moss wrapped around wire wreath.Then took cuttings from succulents and dug holes in moss to put each plant.

3. Wreath...Easter (wooden picture frame, rabbit napkin rings and bow.
Took out glass and backing from wooden frame.  Spray painted.  Made bow and attatched rabbit napkin rings.  Glued Easter Greetings metal envelope on bow.

Started on a canvas painting yesterday.  don't know if I like it.  Will post the finished product soon.  However, need to do some other things first.  gotta go to an adjacent county and shear one of their show lambs for the show tomorrow.  Then a busy weekend of shearing our county kids show lambs and goats!  Whew.  don't know if I can get all my crafts done in time.  Oh well.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paper Whites

I love to see beautiful plants sprouting and blooming during the winter months.  Helps the yard look somewhat pretty!  My Paper White greeted me this weekend.

Sweet Peas and Nasturium

Getting really excited now.  My Sweet Pea and Nastrurium seeds have also sprouted!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lamb Shows

We are so excited to report that the shows have begun.  In Nueces County the Atkinson family is proud of their Reserve Champion Southdown.
Abby is the little girl on the right in the back row.  Congratulations!!

Also hear today that the Cargill family had a Grand Champion at the South Texas Youth Stock Show.  Congratulations to Cameron.


Checked on seeded flowers and tomatoes today.  My hollyhocks are just starting to sprout.  I am so excited.  They say that seeding your own instead of purchasing from the nursery is something like you have never felt before.  Kinda like watching your child grow.  Look each day in anticipation as to what the little ones are up to. 

I am so enjoying my garden shed/green house.  Ordered some heirloom veggie seeds the other day.  Waiting patiently for them to arrive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeding flowers

My garden shed/green house is beginning to look like I want it.  Full of starter seeds.  Yes, I do have my 3 different kinds of tomatoe plants, but I now have several flowers started.  Hoping that they will grown and I can plant early,early spring.  I haven't got my Larkspur planted yet, but do have Poppies, Hollyhock, Delphinium, Nasturiums, and Foxglove.  I will also spread some Poppy and Larkspur seeds around in my yard.  Through out some Bluebonnet seeds a couple of weeks ago in my yard.  Hope I don't forget and move them down before they get big enough for me to realize what they are.

Get your nails dirty!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Local County Livestock Shows

Haws Club Lambs have been sold all over South Texas.  This coming wee there are 3 county shows:  Karnes Co., Nuesces Co., and Kleburg Co.  Good Luck to all our buyers and kiddos!!!

Friday the 13th

It's a Boy!!!
We had our first baby lamb of the season and on Friday the 13th.
I think that means bad luck to those that might show against this young man in the future.
Can't wait for more babies!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flower seed purchases

Bought some flower seeds yesterday to start in the greenhouse.  I am so ready for spring to get here and it isn't even "winter" yet here in So. Texas.

Flowers I'm gonna try:  Poppies, Larkspur, Delphiniums, Sweet Peas, Cosmos, Hollyhock

Should be fun and interesting to see what makes it.

Get your hands DIRTY!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another busy day

Moved all 6 of my pointsetteas out to the greenhouse.  Sure hope they make it.  Would like to replant outside.  Haven't ever gotten one to live and grow.  I remember at my high school (Bishop, TX) there was a large one right outside the auditorium.  Beautiful.

Plans for the end of the week...spread delphinium, larkspur and poppy seeds throughout my flowerbeds and around trees in back yard.  I did this years ago and had good luck with them.  Even had them come up for several years after that.  I let my yard go when I had the gift shop open.  Just too many hours involved and I didn't have the proper time for my yard.  A fresh start this year!  I have big plans, sure hope I can get half of it accomplished.

Did plant seeds in the greenhouse as well.

Watched the grandkids this afternoon until my son got home.  Love the smiles and laughter.  Brightens my day.  However.....the Christmas decorations are still staring me in the face.  Have gotten livingroom and kitchen undecorated.  Most tubs put in storage.  Hope I can get it all done this week. 

All the local Livestock Shows are upon us.  We sold several lambs throughout the counties.  Can't wait to see how they all do.  Good Luck Kids!  Our local show is the end of January.  So excited about that.  Baby lambs should be arriving soon.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well...poor Bubbles was as it again.  Went out on the back deck by the pool last night. Bubbles usually can chase a cat or 2. The back gate was open going down the ramp. This time it turned out to be a SKUNK!  OMGoodness!!!!!  She didn't get a direct hit, but enough for a bath and another bath and another bath!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy Day

My friend came out early this morning and she helped me catch 400 quail.

We loaded my old washer and dryer on her flat trailer to give to her daughter. Muscle girls here!! Then man came to pick up quail and off to the local cafe to eat we went.

We then went to another friends house who had saved me 25 windows from a remodel. All I had to do was pick them up.

Home again and we feed the sheep in the pasture. Long day, but fun. She even had a dirt necklace!
haha Thanks Dorothy!

Now back to taking down my Christmas.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Junking in Devine, TX

Picked up a dear friend and headed to Devine early this morning.  Needed to pick up some cardboard quail shipping boxes.  Figured we could do some junking, eating and enjoy our friendship the rest of the day.  Several places I wanted to stop at were either shut down, closed or something else was in that spot.  Really weird today.  We did find a few Resale Shops, Salvation Army and a Gift Shop. 

My treasures today: 
1)  Huge old pulley I will use in my garden shed.  Want to have a hanging basket hanging from the rafters.  Can use a rope and pulley to let it down so I can water.  Also purchased some old iron door handles to tie the ropes to on the wall. 

2)  Several old cooking utensils.  I will use during Christmas to decorate in my kitchen.
3)  2 chairs from Salvation Army.  $3.99 each.  Will paint and sell as planters.

So excited with my finds today!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hawsville with my grandson

Funning trying to type the year 2012.  Where did the time fly to??

Had fun babysitting my grandsons over New Years.  Wyatt, my 2 1/2 year old is really putting the words together for acutal sentences now.  He can count, knows his colors and ABCs.  Oh course, he is so smart!!  Starting to monoplize my computer.  Mickey Mouse Club entertains him.
Such a serious look on his face.  But when not on the computer, he helps MoMo with her Hawsville chores.  Really likes to feed the ducks!

I love deer season.  Wyatt has been able to sit with me this year.  He is so good.  Whispers.  Counts birds and rabbits.  Notices "red" birds.  Hears the feeder go off and knows that the deer will eat the corn.  Loves the Momma deer and baby deer and Daddy deer.

What a special life I have.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and prosperous new year!

I had a great time to ring in the new year.  Got to watch both my grandsons New Year's Eve while the younguns went out to not only celebrate the new year, but also their 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  On New Year's Day, the hubby cooked, we all went hunting and then feasted later.  The day would of been great if the Cowboys would of pulled off a victory...but it just wasn't in the cards.

Everyone is off work tomorrow in my family....so more good times!