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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painted Canvases

Doing something different from my normal routine lately.  thought I would paint up a couple of canvases to put in my booth space. My favorite subject...roosters!

First is a beautiful white rooster.  I love and collect white roosters with the added red checkerboard.It is for sale in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques here in Beeville, TX.  $25.00

The second is also my favorite...a barn with of course a rooster!!!!  Also available in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX.  $25.00

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wimberely Market

A special childhood friend and I went to the Wimberely Market.  She had some highschool friends that we stayed with for the weekend.  Great time.  I had never been to the market and was pleased.  It was awesome.  Found me some treasures to resale and to keep.  Am ready to go back in cooler weather.  Maybe in October.

A great crib/rocker that I plan on using as a planter or should I just sell it?