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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painted Stool

Purchased a wooden stool at Hobby Lobby.  Primed the other day and painted on it today.  Used acrylic paint.

Well, postged this stool on Facebook for $45.00 and within an hour it was sold.  Hubby says I don't charge enough.  I know I don't, I can see the prices on the web.  Maybe later I will charge more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can't believe I haven't posted in several days.  Just my busy life.
Headed out on Tuesday the 14th to the San Antonio Livestock Show and a few concerts.  Kids did ok.  One did place, got 6th and was in the Sale.  Got to see the Band Perry. An awesome group.

On the way back on Friday the 17th, my daughter-in-law had emergency gall bladder surgery.  I went straight and picked up my grandsons.  They went home Saturday.  Then went to their house all last week to help out.  Candace wasn't supposed to pick up anything.  Loved my time with the boys!!!

Worked out at the ranch on Sunday afternoon.  We now have 44 baby lambs on the ground.  time for tail docking, worming and castorating.

We have been getting some cool weather and rain.  I want to get out in my yard so bad.  The weeds are taking over my yard.  Where did all these stinging nettles come from?  I have started some eggplants, leeks, okra and summer yellow squash in my greenhouse.  Plan on starting some more veggies in the next few days.  My tomatoe plants are over a foot tall.  Need to get them planted soon.  Scared for the cool nights and that last frost.

Getting the hubby off to work.  Doing some insurance work, cleaning house and then might paint a foot stool today.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mini Greenhouses

I love old junk.  My hubby says I'm filling up his barn.  I sure hope I'm not becoming a HOARDER.  I keep collecting items that I'm going to do something with...but it keeps piling up.  Seems I never have the time to actually do what I want to do with these beautiful pieces.  Guess I am becoming a HOARDER!!!!!!!!

Here are a few of the ideas I want to do with my beautiful finds.

Old Windows.....I want to turn these

into these!!!  Can you blame me???

Friday, February 10, 2012

Someone please comment!

I can't believe I have over 400 pageviews and can't see that anyone has made any comments.  I wonder if they are just courious and then don't find anything interesting?  I would really like to know.  Maybe when I start posting more of my crafts someone might comment.  Am I just missing the comments.  Hope they are going to my e-mail so that I can see them.

Let me know if you find this blog interesting.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Igloo Ice Container

Before....an old galvanized "Igloo Ice Container".  Primed with Kiltz and then painted with acrylics.
After...can be used as a trash can, planter or container. 
Words...Sunshine warms the flowers...flowers warm the heart.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Haws Club Lambs

Tomorrow is the lamb show at our County Livestock Show.  We have several lambs in this local show.  Good luck to all the kids!  Hope we have some winners!!!!!

We did infact have some WINNERS!
Champion Southdown shown by Zach Zermeno
Champion Finewool shown by McKenzie Retzloff.  First year to show lambs and she even won the Showmanship Class for PeeWees!!!  Great job Kenzie
Champion Cross shown by Charli Perron

First Place Lightweight Medium Wool shown by Ariana Haws

Congratulations to all the kids on a great job!!!!


I am so excited!  Results from the Adult Division at local County Show.
Wreaths (which I entered 3)
    1st place...Living Wreath (succulents)
    2nd place...Deer Antler and Pinecones
    3rd place...Picture frame with rabbits napkin holders
Cornbread....1st place
Misc Decor...2nd place with my painted chair
Painting...1st place with my deer painting

WhooHoo!!!!!  Can't wait for next year.  already have some ideas!!!!