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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Checking out our lambs

Had some buyers from the Victoria/Edna area stop by with their lambs for us to look at.  Their show isn't until March so they have lots of time.  Gave tip on feeding.  Their lambs look great just need to pour the feed to them.

Love it when we can see our lambs progress along and compair to their siblings.


Lets look at the outside of my shed.
Out on the patio.  An old wash tub duo I found at a local flea market.  It was a steal for $25.  I have petunia planted in them right now.  they will make it through the winder months down here.
I have collected a few of these over the years.  I think they make a cute detail feature to the front porch of the Garden Shed.

A neighbor friend of mine made this bench for me.  It sits in front of the air conditioning unit out back.  I can see if from my Garden Shed.
The two old doors were used as a wall feature.  The two chairs were nailed to the wall.  Two tall cabinet doors used as shelving.  Notice the light fixture.  It is a colander.
I can't remember what I have posted, but here it is again.  The old red and white folding chair was my grandmothers.  I sat on it on her back sun porch as a child.  I am so proud to be able to sit in it now and I my grandchild sit in it.
Lots of extra windows to use on craft projects.  I even have 25 more coming from a friend.  Just need to go pick them up and they are mine!!
Old trash can used as storage for all my garden tools.
My old wheel barrow.  A find at the Warrenton/Round Top Antique Weekend.  You need to go at least once.  check out www.antiqueweekend.com

Step 13

This is inside the main Garden shed.  I have my farm sink.  All the countertops are old doors.  Shelves are tall cabinet doors.  Notice my old horse feed trough with table legs added used to put my potting soil in.  Still need to add the flooring.
Looking the other direction.  More shelving, old tin, old doors, etc.  I have some of my old watering cans and coffee/tea pots on shelves.

I have added more plants.  Notice the black tray on the table in front of the window.  My first attempt at seeding.  Trying 3 different varieties of tomatoes.

Another hanging basket and more plants.  Starting to look like a jungle already!!  Notice the heater on the gravel flooring.  I keep it running about 55-60 degrees in there.  Hope this works when it gets really cold here is So. Texas.
My beautiful "Flower Bed".  Has really started to fill up with plants.  Just need MORE!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Lab Puppies

Our bird dog kennel recieved new puppies today.  Our Chocolate lab had her puppies.  3 males and 1 female.  Don't know for sure if they are from our black lab or our Chocolate German Shorthair (who got out by mistake).  All the puppies are chocolate, so don't know for sure.  It doesn't matter.  They will be great bird dogs!
Mom and puppies are doing great!

Our Great Pyranees..Fluffy

New additions to Hawsville.  We bought a female Great Pyranees puppy.  Now named Fluffy.  Hopefully in a few years she will help add dogs that will help with the sheep in the pastures.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Home Tour..More Pictures

The Baby Room titled Teddy Bear Room for Christmas!
Snowman tree on Livingroom Hearth
Another Snowman tree on top of entertainment center.  All 6 deer have Santa hats.
Antique Santa Mug tree in kitchen.
More of the Teddy Bear room.  This is my great-great grandmother's crocheted bedspread.  First time I have ever had it out of storage.  It is so beautiful and I know took forever to complete.  the bear on the far left was my son's bear.  It has a tore ear.
My kitchen  before all the food and family arrived.  I had 40ish in my house Christmas Eve.  I was amazing!
My Santa tree with all the presents around it.
Santa (aka my hubby) stopped by on his busy night to visit all the great nieces, nephews and my grandkids this Christmas.  Hope it becomes a tradition.

More pics to come!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Painted Window

This is my first attempt at paint on glass.  One has to paint in reverse on the back side.  I'm so used to doing the background first, then highlighting last.  This is totally opposite.  Think of 3D and having to paint the foreground and shadows first.  One new challenge for this lady.  I will get it with lots and lots of practice!!
Much needed practice.

Day After christmas 2011

The house is still a mess.  I'll work on that tomorrow.  Spent lots of time with family.  You just can't imagine a house full of around 40ish.  I just eat it up.  Hubby played as Santa.  All the great nieces and nephews loved it.

Just got done delivering the pony to my grandsons.  Wyatt rode and rode.  He didn't want to stop.  But MoMo and PoPo were getting tired leading him around.  Whew...another day Mr. Wyatt

This is Trigger.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

More baking today.  What a dreary day outside.  Haws Christmas Eve tonight will be all warm and cozy.  I love it when my house is filled with all the family. (41 this year)  I think when the great nieces and nephews start having their children we might have to rent the local community center.  haha!

I'm checking off this Blog till after Christmas.  Gonna enjoy
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011

 Ran to town for some last minute stuff...feed for sheep and dogs.  Feed stores closed Sat. and Mon.  Then home and wrapped for several hours.  I am finally done wrapping!!!  Did some baking..lemon mirangue pies, mini cheesecakes and cookies.  Apple and Pecan pies tomorrow, stuffed jalepenoes and sweet potatoe casserole in the morning.  Then I actually have to clean house to get ready for Family Christmas Eve Party!

Lots to do!  Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2011

UPS came through on the saddle deliver before lunch today!!!  I am so excited about having it before Christmas. 

Fixing to start wrapping.

Christmas 2011

I am so done shopping.  Just need to finish wrapping and baking.  That will take all day.  Still have that one painting to complete.  It will be on a window (glass).  Lady wants flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and a cat.  I haven't painted on actual glass yet, so will see what happens.

The hubby and I are giving our grandchildren a horse and a pony.  I ordered a child's youth saddle for the horse (that is not in yet..hurry up UPS) and the hubby picked up a pony saddle from the local Amish.  I know that my 2 1/2 grandson will be so excited!  Can you tell that I am as well?

So off this blog, Hawsville here I come!  Watch out Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart...this lady making her magic happen.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I always wish for Health, Wealth and Happiness. Sending thoses to you as well.
Hugs and Kisses Everyone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Painted Screen..Quilts

Custom Order for quilts on a fence.  This lady sent pictures of her own quilts for me to use.  Enjoy!

Painted Screen..Snowman

Custom Order for my snowman with the tall red hat.  Ben and Robin..enjoy.  I know it will look wonderful in your home.

Painted Screen..Quail

Custom Order for Quail.  I did lighten up the 2 bottom quail after I took this picture.  they were in camo mode and you could hardly see them.  Thanks Melinda for the order.  Hope they enjoy it.

Painted Screen...Welcome to Paradise

Custom Order for a beachy, flip flop, surf board welcome screen.  Karry just picked it up! Enjoy

Hawsville Chores

Starting my day a little late this morning. Bubbles, my female Boston Terrier, is walking the floor ready to have fun outside while I feed.

Will head out to feed bread to the southdown ewes.  They are really starting to show.  Some more than others. then check on the quail and then feed and exercise the bird dogs.  Will throw the ducks at the pond some feed as well.  After all is done, I will check on plants in my greenhouse and then head back into the house.  I have masive cleaning to do before the annual Haws Christmas Eve Party.  We normally have around 40 family members to show up.  Just like everyone else, the family is growing all the time.  The youngest is 7 months old and we have the newest one due in 3 months!

I also have one more custom order painting to do.  I have completed 8 and will get to that one this afternoon or tomorrow.

So, off this computer and out to Hawsville!

That's all done.  Karry came to pick up her screen.  My son called and we are going hunting this afternoon.  Yep...this lady hunts.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Step 12

Hubby had sand and pea gravel delivered.  I'm doing one wheel barrow at a time into the green house.  Sand on bottom and gravel on top.  Then watering plants will be a breeze...water will drain away like magic!
Had the tall cabinet door and the 2 old chairs.  Added a few screws to make a table!
Great old, old, old work table found at estate sale.  Starting to purchase lots of plants!!  Remember, I want it to look like a jungle in there.

My prize estate sale find!!!!!  A REAL FLOWER BED.  Using shutters as framework. 
For a side table I used a sewing machine bottom (estate sale find) and an old cabinet door at the table top.  You have seen just 2 of my collection of old watering cans.
Found this old chandelier at an antique store.  Took off the terrible shades and spray painted RED!  Where is that electricity?

Step 11

Another amazing friend landed me some old unsed Saltillo tiles.  There isn't enough for the whole floor of the main garden shed, but with that and other treasures, it will look ....awesome!!!

Got the old farm sink in (a find from an antique store), the door counter tops, and several old cabinets up. (several cabinets were display features in my gift shop, others were from estate sales or flea market finds) Can't wait for water and electricity!!!

Step 10

This is the inside of the main garden shed.  Remember that I have 10ft ceiling and then the rafters go up another 6ft.
This is the outside of the back.  Lots of old tin, old cedar and some of that found siding.  the men continue on and I can't wait for it to be done!!!!

Step 9

Continued to the top with the old cedar boards.  Makes it look so rustic and shabby chic.  Added the lattace board to the right.  This area will be for storage of my wood crafts, sanding, hammering, drilling, etc.
The start of my craft work area.  The sign is from my gift shop, The Copper Rooster.  The tall set of windows open.  Notice the 2 doors on the right.  Again, they were from my aunts' cabin.  Used old tin on the bottom.

Step 8

Moving on to the main shed.  The red door goes in and some beautiful old ceiling tiles as decorative touches on the bottom wall.  The 2 outside tiles were given to me by another friend.  Sergio is thinking about how in the world is he going to put in the windows.
Window are in.  Both windows on each side of the front door will open!  Love all the OLD CEDAR FENCING as my outside wall.  Had to save that pile of wood several times.  Hubby kept wanting to throw it away!  Can you image that?  I have some really good junk saved up in his barn.  I keep telling him I have a vision and that it all can be used for something.  I don't think he believed me....but LOOK!!!!!

Step 7

The tin is on the main roof now and the first window is put in.  You should of seen my HAPPY DANCE!  I was posting these same pictures on Facebook for my friends to watch.  I love all the comments.  Most were saying it was HUGE that it was a cottage and they could live in it.  Well, possibly true, at least I won't have to add on later. (maybe)

The hardest part was deciding how the windows would be arranged on top.  I'm sure the guys building my shed were thinking I was crazy, but it looks pretty awesome!!!  Those free windows I picked up are great in the greenhouse side.  I can open almost every window.  That will be great in the summer months with over 100 degree weather.
The view from inside the greenhouse side.  I'm picturing a complete jungle in there right now and all these seedlings to fill my yard.  Come on Spring!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Step 6

Green poly put up on the greenhouse side of my garden shed.  Looks so cool.  Have to work on creating a window of some sort to let the heat out in the summer months.

Step 5

Even as the garden shed is being built, I keep stumbling upon windows.  A great friend, Georgia, saw  windows and siding being taken off a house in town.  I quickly drove to the house and asked what they were doing with them.  The owner told me I could HAVE all I wanted.  A couple of trips later and help of another friend and my son, I got them home.  The windows were still in casings and workable.  What a treasure!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Step 4

By the second weekend, the guys have framed out the greenhouse, work area and front porch area that are connected to the main garden shed.  Yes, it is huge.  Who am I to tell my husband NO, that's too big.  I am so impressed that he took my vision (that was only in my head) and converted it into reality.