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Haws Club Lambs

Yes, we raise Show Lambs.
Medium Wools, Finewools, Crosses and Southdowns. 
Look us up on www.hawsclublambs.com

Most of the sheep are at our ranch about 10 miles away.  The southdowns are here at the house on our acreage.  I'm feeding day old bread to them daily to help in the cost of feed, plus the fact that we just went through a drought and there is no grass or hay to be found.  They love the bread.  I just don't like being in the pasture with the ram.  He loves his women and has "rammed" me several times.  One really has to be on the lookout for him.
My blog will be on my daily adventures on raising and selling these sheep.  Keep a close watch.  If you are from Texas and are interested in purchasing a lamb for show, look us up next season!  We are completely sold out now and the official show season has started. 

Babies will be arriving around January 2012.  Can't wait for that.
Again...check us on on our webpage  www.hawsclublambs.com