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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bed Bench

I bought this treasure (headboard/footboard) on my Canton junking trip in April.  Yes, I was thinking of turning it into a bench when I purchased it.  Didn't have the time to build it, so asked some special friends if they would do it.  It turned out perfect.  I even got them to use some old cedar pickets that were around my parent-in-laws's home at one timne.  Pretty special there.

Love the old tractor part used for the rocker.  Thank you Ester and Jay McFall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Custom Painted Antique Chair

A friend wanted a chair like one I had previously painted.  Found a chair!!! 

Even added a special touch..."C".

Painted Oil Well Canvas

I got the most unusual request that I have had so far the other day...for Mother's Day.  This lady wanted an old wooden oil well night sceen.  I had to do some surfing to find one to look at.  She loved it and now wants me to paint a present day rig. 

Mini Garden Greenhouse

I have always wanted one of these or at least to make one.  This was my first attemp.  Thought I did a pretty good job.  Can always improve and add more details/decorative pieces onto it.  Remember, I have tons of windows in my collection left over from my garden shed project.

I did put this for sale in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX.

Screen for Mother's Day

Got a call 2 days before Mother's Day wanting a painted screen.  So out to the barn I went and found a screen.  She wanted it for "MoMo" and a garden them with flowers.  This is what I did in a few hours for her to pick up later the same day.

This picture is a little blurry and was before I painted "MoMo's Garden".  She loved it!!

Dumpster Diving..again.

I love driving through town running errands and POW...a treasure on the side of the street just asking for a new home.

Can't wait to paint this baby!  Oh the possibilities are limitless.

Custom Painting..Papagayo Nursery

This was a fun project!  Painted several custom items for a Papagayo themed nursery.  The first is my step stool that everyone is wanting.  I bought 6 of these stool on my Canton trip. Now wishing I had gotten more.

Then she wanted a canvas door name plate...

and then I painted a 16x20 canvas for the room!

Would love to see a picture of the whole room!  hint, hint!!
Mr. Alex is going to enjoy his room.  I'm also redoing a step stool she had and a rocking chair she purchased for $15.00 online for her other daughter.  Fun, fun!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Went junking this morning and this is what I came home with.  6 chairs, 2 window screens, tool chest and 2 stools.  Bad thing about it,,,,I have so much in the barn already to work on and now 13 custom orders pending!!!!  Busy, busy, busy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Booth Space

Keep painting and adding furniture, etc. to my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX

Refinished with old bench with Duck Egg the Olde White Chalk Paint.

This is a kitchen cabinet panel that I antiqued and painted a design on.  Hoping to get some custom orders from this.  Any theme is possible..frilly or not.

Picked up some old ceiling tiles of various sized when I went to Canton, TX.  Sanded it to get off loose paint, then distressed with Chalk Paint.  Also hoping to get some custom orders from this as well.  I do have it for sale in my booth space.

Found this great top molding at Canton as well.  Sanded it down a little and put a price tag on it for my booth space.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Antique chair Make Over!

My next project is for a dear friend who wants an old antique chair all dolled up!  As I cleaned up the chair, sanded it down and started to prime it...I kept getting the feeling that it was a pretty old chair and I shouldn't paint over it.  The seat part is rather thick and you can see the saw marks..I primed on.


You will have to wait for the After....still a work in progress....