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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More of my painted stuff..

I don't think I have published my finished craft projects, so here are some more.

Painted Canvas for little girls room.
Painted half window screen with quilt on fence.  This one went to Oklahoma!
Old White Distressed Chalk Paint.  No mirror, so substituted with framed mirror.
Painted Little Girl's Chair

What's Been Up Lately

I haven't been Blogging since June?  Wow.  sorry about that if any of you have been looking to see what's new.

Went to NYC with my daughter-in-law and future daughter-in-law.  Great time!

I'm the skinny one in the middle!!!!!!

Have been busy painting and re-purposing.
Sofa table with Duck Egg Chalk Paint and Old White on top.
This is Old White as well.
Put that in my booth space and in SOLD in a few days!

Two end tables with glass tops
Old bedroom side table.  Old White and Duck Egg Chalk Paint
Painted cross on old cupboard door.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rocking Chair Redo!!

A custom order to paint this chair for a classroom.  She wants it to read to her students.  Of course gotta do the mascot theme and school colors for her room.  Blue/white and Longhorms.

The before....

I've never had to actually refinish a chair.  The vaneer (don't even know how to spell it)  on the seat was buckling up and the paint was all chipping away.  Sanded it all over and ripping the top layer off the seat part.  Haven't gotten it all off yet...still working on it.  Hopefully when I prime it, it will seal it and no more buckling seat/wood.  Can't wait to start working my magic!

Finished project!!

Baby High Chair

This was a process for me.  A friend had her children's highchair in storage.  It definately needed some TLC, with broken legs, etc.

Painted it without putting the tray on it and realized the rabbit was too low to be seen. 

So not only did I add another rabbit to make it taller, I changed them from brown rabbits to white rabbits, a butterfly flew in, grass grew and the sky appeared.

May have to make another change.  The rabbit I was looking at had one of his ears perked up, kinda looks funny so guess I will change the ear.  Other than that...my Facebook friends tell me this is my best work!!!  Thanks ladies....

Wyatt and Bubbles

My grandson, Wyatt, has not seen Bubbles since we found her after 10 days.  She has been healing and we wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt her.  Last night Wyatt came for a sleepover and to visit with Bubbles.  I think the following pictures explains how happy each of them were to see each other and their love,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shabby Chic Chalk Paint Frames

Found these two frames at Estate Sales.....cheap, cheap!  Brushed some chalk paint on them and  sanded off to distress.  Took down to Full Circle Antiques and put in my booth space.

$20.00 each!!!

Another Rooster Bar Stool

Sold the first Rooster Bar Stool fast and had a request for another one.  Sold it today.