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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More of my painted stuff..

I don't think I have published my finished craft projects, so here are some more.

Painted Canvas for little girls room.
Painted half window screen with quilt on fence.  This one went to Oklahoma!
Old White Distressed Chalk Paint.  No mirror, so substituted with framed mirror.
Painted Little Girl's Chair

What's Been Up Lately

I haven't been Blogging since June?  Wow.  sorry about that if any of you have been looking to see what's new.

Went to NYC with my daughter-in-law and future daughter-in-law.  Great time!

I'm the skinny one in the middle!!!!!!

Have been busy painting and re-purposing.
Sofa table with Duck Egg Chalk Paint and Old White on top.
This is Old White as well.
Put that in my booth space and in SOLD in a few days!

Two end tables with glass tops
Old bedroom side table.  Old White and Duck Egg Chalk Paint
Painted cross on old cupboard door.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rocking Chair Redo!!

A custom order to paint this chair for a classroom.  She wants it to read to her students.  Of course gotta do the mascot theme and school colors for her room.  Blue/white and Longhorms.

The before....

I've never had to actually refinish a chair.  The vaneer (don't even know how to spell it)  on the seat was buckling up and the paint was all chipping away.  Sanded it all over and ripping the top layer off the seat part.  Haven't gotten it all off yet...still working on it.  Hopefully when I prime it, it will seal it and no more buckling seat/wood.  Can't wait to start working my magic!

Finished project!!

Baby High Chair

This was a process for me.  A friend had her children's highchair in storage.  It definately needed some TLC, with broken legs, etc.

Painted it without putting the tray on it and realized the rabbit was too low to be seen. 

So not only did I add another rabbit to make it taller, I changed them from brown rabbits to white rabbits, a butterfly flew in, grass grew and the sky appeared.

May have to make another change.  The rabbit I was looking at had one of his ears perked up, kinda looks funny so guess I will change the ear.  Other than that...my Facebook friends tell me this is my best work!!!  Thanks ladies....

Wyatt and Bubbles

My grandson, Wyatt, has not seen Bubbles since we found her after 10 days.  She has been healing and we wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt her.  Last night Wyatt came for a sleepover and to visit with Bubbles.  I think the following pictures explains how happy each of them were to see each other and their love,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shabby Chic Chalk Paint Frames

Found these two frames at Estate Sales.....cheap, cheap!  Brushed some chalk paint on them and  sanded off to distress.  Took down to Full Circle Antiques and put in my booth space.

$20.00 each!!!

Another Rooster Bar Stool

Sold the first Rooster Bar Stool fast and had a request for another one.  Sold it today.

Bubbles is Home!!!!!

After 10 days of searching and spreading information through Facebook, newspaper, flier, posters, etc. Bubbles made her way home!  A neighbor call stating he saw her down our dead end road.  She looked and acted like she had been attacked by a dog and had hunkered down for several days to recouperate.  She was still in shock and hurt very bad.  I took her to the Vet.  After 6 days at home...she is finally acting and feeling normal.  Her wounds are healing fast.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily Hawsville

Has been  a totally busy last few months here at Hawsville.  We were swamped with our lambing season of Haws Club Lambs offspring.  We are nearly sold out.  Only have about 30 or so sheep left to sale.  Men went to Sadalia, Missouri and purchased 3 new rams at the National Ram Show and Sale.  So excited about next year and looking forward to results from this show season!  Please check out our www.hawsclublambs.com website.

Haws Quail Farm is totally in full production right now.  I am setting eggs everyday, hatching just about everyday.  We built 3 new fly pens and the mortality rate has drastically gotten better.  So excited, I already have 1000 quail reserved.  Not only do I have quail eggs in the incubator, but I collected some peacock eggs and are trying to hatch some out.  Yesterday was my first hatchling.

Whew....no rest for the weary!!!

Lost Bubbles

I have been pretty devastated this last week.  Due to fireworks, my precious female Boston Terrier, Bubbles, ran away and we haven't seen her at all.  We live in the country with lots of bush and creeks around us.  Lots of family and friends have been searching.  We now have a $1000 Reward out for her safe return.  I am praying that someone has seen her and will help get her home.

Custom Ordered Step Stools

Created 2 step stools.  One was for 2 little girls soMom  just wanted a whimsical theme.

Love the turquoise and orange!

The other one was with a dinosaur Theme.  I thought this was pretty cute!  Loved the finished product.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Redone!

Love this old kitchen cabinet door.  Many uses and so many ideas.  I have several of these cabinet doors.  All I did was sand down the old white paint.  Love, love the REAL Original crackle paint on this one.

Little girl's Chair

Got ahold of 4 small chairs.  Created this one for any little girl out there to enjoy.  I love the roses cascading from the top and the added touch of a dragonfly on the backside.

Rooster Stool

Haven't been on here in a while.  Been busy checking out all the beautiful home decor/re-purposing pages on Facebook.  Did spend some time painting last week.  Created this beautiful rooster stool, that already sold out of my booth space.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painted Canvases

Doing something different from my normal routine lately.  thought I would paint up a couple of canvases to put in my booth space. My favorite subject...roosters!

First is a beautiful white rooster.  I love and collect white roosters with the added red checkerboard.It is for sale in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques here in Beeville, TX.  $25.00

The second is also my favorite...a barn with of course a rooster!!!!  Also available in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX.  $25.00

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wimberely Market

A special childhood friend and I went to the Wimberely Market.  She had some highschool friends that we stayed with for the weekend.  Great time.  I had never been to the market and was pleased.  It was awesome.  Found me some treasures to resale and to keep.  Am ready to go back in cooler weather.  Maybe in October.

A great crib/rocker that I plan on using as a planter or should I just sell it?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bed Bench

I bought this treasure (headboard/footboard) on my Canton junking trip in April.  Yes, I was thinking of turning it into a bench when I purchased it.  Didn't have the time to build it, so asked some special friends if they would do it.  It turned out perfect.  I even got them to use some old cedar pickets that were around my parent-in-laws's home at one timne.  Pretty special there.

Love the old tractor part used for the rocker.  Thank you Ester and Jay McFall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Custom Painted Antique Chair

A friend wanted a chair like one I had previously painted.  Found a chair!!! 

Even added a special touch..."C".

Painted Oil Well Canvas

I got the most unusual request that I have had so far the other day...for Mother's Day.  This lady wanted an old wooden oil well night sceen.  I had to do some surfing to find one to look at.  She loved it and now wants me to paint a present day rig. 

Mini Garden Greenhouse

I have always wanted one of these or at least to make one.  This was my first attemp.  Thought I did a pretty good job.  Can always improve and add more details/decorative pieces onto it.  Remember, I have tons of windows in my collection left over from my garden shed project.

I did put this for sale in my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX.

Screen for Mother's Day

Got a call 2 days before Mother's Day wanting a painted screen.  So out to the barn I went and found a screen.  She wanted it for "MoMo" and a garden them with flowers.  This is what I did in a few hours for her to pick up later the same day.

This picture is a little blurry and was before I painted "MoMo's Garden".  She loved it!!

Dumpster Diving..again.

I love driving through town running errands and POW...a treasure on the side of the street just asking for a new home.

Can't wait to paint this baby!  Oh the possibilities are limitless.

Custom Painting..Papagayo Nursery

This was a fun project!  Painted several custom items for a Papagayo themed nursery.  The first is my step stool that everyone is wanting.  I bought 6 of these stool on my Canton trip. Now wishing I had gotten more.

Then she wanted a canvas door name plate...

and then I painted a 16x20 canvas for the room!

Would love to see a picture of the whole room!  hint, hint!!
Mr. Alex is going to enjoy his room.  I'm also redoing a step stool she had and a rocking chair she purchased for $15.00 online for her other daughter.  Fun, fun!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Went junking this morning and this is what I came home with.  6 chairs, 2 window screens, tool chest and 2 stools.  Bad thing about it,,,,I have so much in the barn already to work on and now 13 custom orders pending!!!!  Busy, busy, busy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Booth Space

Keep painting and adding furniture, etc. to my booth space at Full Circle Antiques in Beeville, TX

Refinished with old bench with Duck Egg the Olde White Chalk Paint.

This is a kitchen cabinet panel that I antiqued and painted a design on.  Hoping to get some custom orders from this.  Any theme is possible..frilly or not.

Picked up some old ceiling tiles of various sized when I went to Canton, TX.  Sanded it to get off loose paint, then distressed with Chalk Paint.  Also hoping to get some custom orders from this as well.  I do have it for sale in my booth space.

Found this great top molding at Canton as well.  Sanded it down a little and put a price tag on it for my booth space.