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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Day

Did my Facebooking....gues we all have to change over the the timeline thingy.  Haven't done that yet.

Did my Pinning on Pinterest.  I am so addicted to that.  I spend way more time on there than Facebook now.  So many cool ideas for crafts and gardens!!!

Now going outside to do my Hawsville chores.

Need a quick run to Hobby Lobby (which is an hour away) to get supplies for a wreath I'm gonna make for the County Show Adult Division.  Almost finished with my painting.  Posting that soon.

This afternoon...going to the next county for their county show to watch several families show lambs that they purchased from us. (Haws Club Lambs)  My son and girlfriend will pick me up.  Meeting up with the hubby.  Hopefully can go out to eat after it's all over.

Whew...Bet my head will hit my pillow around 12 tonight.  Long day ahead!

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