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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another busy day

Moved all 6 of my pointsetteas out to the greenhouse.  Sure hope they make it.  Would like to replant outside.  Haven't ever gotten one to live and grow.  I remember at my high school (Bishop, TX) there was a large one right outside the auditorium.  Beautiful.

Plans for the end of the week...spread delphinium, larkspur and poppy seeds throughout my flowerbeds and around trees in back yard.  I did this years ago and had good luck with them.  Even had them come up for several years after that.  I let my yard go when I had the gift shop open.  Just too many hours involved and I didn't have the proper time for my yard.  A fresh start this year!  I have big plans, sure hope I can get half of it accomplished.

Did plant seeds in the greenhouse as well.

Watched the grandkids this afternoon until my son got home.  Love the smiles and laughter.  Brightens my day.  However.....the Christmas decorations are still staring me in the face.  Have gotten livingroom and kitchen undecorated.  Most tubs put in storage.  Hope I can get it all done this week. 

All the local Livestock Shows are upon us.  We sold several lambs throughout the counties.  Can't wait to see how they all do.  Good Luck Kids!  Our local show is the end of January.  So excited about that.  Baby lambs should be arriving soon.

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