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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Step 13

This is inside the main Garden shed.  I have my farm sink.  All the countertops are old doors.  Shelves are tall cabinet doors.  Notice my old horse feed trough with table legs added used to put my potting soil in.  Still need to add the flooring.
Looking the other direction.  More shelving, old tin, old doors, etc.  I have some of my old watering cans and coffee/tea pots on shelves.

I have added more plants.  Notice the black tray on the table in front of the window.  My first attempt at seeding.  Trying 3 different varieties of tomatoes.

Another hanging basket and more plants.  Starting to look like a jungle already!!  Notice the heater on the gravel flooring.  I keep it running about 55-60 degrees in there.  Hope this works when it gets really cold here is So. Texas.
My beautiful "Flower Bed".  Has really started to fill up with plants.  Just need MORE!!!

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