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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Home Tour..More Pictures

The Baby Room titled Teddy Bear Room for Christmas!
Snowman tree on Livingroom Hearth
Another Snowman tree on top of entertainment center.  All 6 deer have Santa hats.
Antique Santa Mug tree in kitchen.
More of the Teddy Bear room.  This is my great-great grandmother's crocheted bedspread.  First time I have ever had it out of storage.  It is so beautiful and I know took forever to complete.  the bear on the far left was my son's bear.  It has a tore ear.
My kitchen  before all the food and family arrived.  I had 40ish in my house Christmas Eve.  I was amazing!
My Santa tree with all the presents around it.
Santa (aka my hubby) stopped by on his busy night to visit all the great nieces, nephews and my grandkids this Christmas.  Hope it becomes a tradition.

More pics to come!!

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