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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Step 12

Hubby had sand and pea gravel delivered.  I'm doing one wheel barrow at a time into the green house.  Sand on bottom and gravel on top.  Then watering plants will be a breeze...water will drain away like magic!
Had the tall cabinet door and the 2 old chairs.  Added a few screws to make a table!
Great old, old, old work table found at estate sale.  Starting to purchase lots of plants!!  Remember, I want it to look like a jungle in there.

My prize estate sale find!!!!!  A REAL FLOWER BED.  Using shutters as framework. 
For a side table I used a sewing machine bottom (estate sale find) and an old cabinet door at the table top.  You have seen just 2 of my collection of old watering cans.
Found this old chandelier at an antique store.  Took off the terrible shades and spray painted RED!  Where is that electricity?

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