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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hawsville Chores

Starting my day a little late this morning. Bubbles, my female Boston Terrier, is walking the floor ready to have fun outside while I feed.

Will head out to feed bread to the southdown ewes.  They are really starting to show.  Some more than others. then check on the quail and then feed and exercise the bird dogs.  Will throw the ducks at the pond some feed as well.  After all is done, I will check on plants in my greenhouse and then head back into the house.  I have masive cleaning to do before the annual Haws Christmas Eve Party.  We normally have around 40 family members to show up.  Just like everyone else, the family is growing all the time.  The youngest is 7 months old and we have the newest one due in 3 months!

I also have one more custom order painting to do.  I have completed 8 and will get to that one this afternoon or tomorrow.

So, off this computer and out to Hawsville!

That's all done.  Karry came to pick up her screen.  My son called and we are going hunting this afternoon.  Yep...this lady hunts.

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