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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Step 7

The tin is on the main roof now and the first window is put in.  You should of seen my HAPPY DANCE!  I was posting these same pictures on Facebook for my friends to watch.  I love all the comments.  Most were saying it was HUGE that it was a cottage and they could live in it.  Well, possibly true, at least I won't have to add on later. (maybe)

The hardest part was deciding how the windows would be arranged on top.  I'm sure the guys building my shed were thinking I was crazy, but it looks pretty awesome!!!  Those free windows I picked up are great in the greenhouse side.  I can open almost every window.  That will be great in the summer months with over 100 degree weather.
The view from inside the greenhouse side.  I'm picturing a complete jungle in there right now and all these seedlings to fill my yard.  Come on Spring!!!

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