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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Junking in Devine, TX

Picked up a dear friend and headed to Devine early this morning.  Needed to pick up some cardboard quail shipping boxes.  Figured we could do some junking, eating and enjoy our friendship the rest of the day.  Several places I wanted to stop at were either shut down, closed or something else was in that spot.  Really weird today.  We did find a few Resale Shops, Salvation Army and a Gift Shop. 

My treasures today: 
1)  Huge old pulley I will use in my garden shed.  Want to have a hanging basket hanging from the rafters.  Can use a rope and pulley to let it down so I can water.  Also purchased some old iron door handles to tie the ropes to on the wall. 

2)  Several old cooking utensils.  I will use during Christmas to decorate in my kitchen.
3)  2 chairs from Salvation Army.  $3.99 each.  Will paint and sell as planters.

So excited with my finds today!!

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