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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adult Division Entry

I have decided to enter the local Bee County Jr. Livestock & Homemakers Show Adult Division.  Yes, some crafts.  Possibly 3 paintings and 3 wreaths.  What was I thinking?  Entry money goes to Premium Fund for the kids.  Winners get rosettes.  Mostly bragging rights.  Will see.  Wish me luck!!

1. Wreath..Antlers and Pinecones.  This took several hours to make.  Hot glue gun got a workout.

2. Wreath...Living Wreath (Succulents)
This was an extra long process.  Used Spanish Moss wrapped around wire wreath.Then took cuttings from succulents and dug holes in moss to put each plant.

3. Wreath...Easter (wooden picture frame, rabbit napkin rings and bow.
Took out glass and backing from wooden frame.  Spray painted.  Made bow and attatched rabbit napkin rings.  Glued Easter Greetings metal envelope on bow.

Started on a canvas painting yesterday.  don't know if I like it.  Will post the finished product soon.  However, need to do some other things first.  gotta go to an adjacent county and shear one of their show lambs for the show tomorrow.  Then a busy weekend of shearing our county kids show lambs and goats!  Whew.  don't know if I can get all my crafts done in time.  Oh well.

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