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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily Hawsville

Has been  a totally busy last few months here at Hawsville.  We were swamped with our lambing season of Haws Club Lambs offspring.  We are nearly sold out.  Only have about 30 or so sheep left to sale.  Men went to Sadalia, Missouri and purchased 3 new rams at the National Ram Show and Sale.  So excited about next year and looking forward to results from this show season!  Please check out our www.hawsclublambs.com website.

Haws Quail Farm is totally in full production right now.  I am setting eggs everyday, hatching just about everyday.  We built 3 new fly pens and the mortality rate has drastically gotten better.  So excited, I already have 1000 quail reserved.  Not only do I have quail eggs in the incubator, but I collected some peacock eggs and are trying to hatch some out.  Yesterday was my first hatchling.

Whew....no rest for the weary!!!

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